Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KAMAI KI BAAT?


    Kamai Ki Baat is an open digital software referral program which is fully based on Karma (Performance) of the work. Using Kamai Ki Baat any person can earn "As Much As" you can, once you referred/Generate a successful lead.

  • this is an open digital referral program, so, anyone can join this referral program. "OR" those person who looking for an additional income, interest in Software Sales and want to earn as much as you can join this referral program.

  • Initially you will be join as Junior Referral (JR) under any one of referred referral. Once you have joined us, based on your choice, you can generate lead for available product(s). Once lead has been generated successfully and invoice bill amount is paid by the generated client to the company, then referral will get Direct Bonus to their wallet account with some Reward Points with respect to referral type.

  • currently we have total four type of referral

    # Referral Type Sale Range Direct Bonus* Direct Reward Point**
    1 Junior Referral (JR) < 5Lakh 7% 10%
    2 Senior Referral (SR) ≥ 5 Lakh < 15 Lakh 12% 10%
    3 Business Referral (BR) ≥ 15Lakh < 30Lakh 15% 10%
    4 Corporate Referral (CR) ≥ 30Lakh 18% 10%

    * - Total (%) of Paid Invoice Amount by Client
    ** - Total (%) of Direct Bonus(One Reward=One Rupee)

  • Suppose you have successfully generated a lead worth of 1,00,000 Rupees. based on your referral type you will be receive bonus and reward as below,

    # referral type Direct Bonus(Rs.) Direct Reward(Rs.) Total Earned(Rs.)
    1 Junior Referral (JR) 7,000/- 700/- 7,700/-
    2 Senior Referral (SR) 12,000/- 1,200/- 13,200/-
    3 Business Referral (BR) 15,000/- 1,500/- 16,500/-
    4 Corporate Referral (CR) 18,000/- 1,800/- 19,800/-
  • of course, it is. in case of your referral/client referred any client to buy our available product. Depend on their invoice amount, you will get 10% in-direct bonus as well as in-direct reward point.

  • Whenever your referred client paid the Invoice Amount, as soon as possible, Lead generator referral will get their earned direct bonus and reward as per their referral structure.

  • Any referral can transfer their Reward Points to their wallet by clicking on TRANSFER TO WALLET button available at their KAMAI KI BAAT Account.

    1 Reward Point ≡ 1 INR

  • Of course, these all earned amount belongs to referral. Any referral are able to withdraw their amount anytime from anywhere without any banking charges. For withdrawal of amount, referral need to generate a request. Once the request for Withdrawal has been generated, we will credit requested amount to referral's registered bank account with us or we will send a Bank Cheque to referral's Registered Address with us. All these process will be completed within three banking working days.

    referral can only generate request for withdrawal once their Wallet Amount will be greater or equals to 500/- Rupees. Below 500/-Rupees, referral need to be work little more to withdraw the Amount.

  • Yes! We understand your situation, sometimes this kind of circumstances come to us where we don't want to earn from the closer one. So, in this situation we can suggest you two ways to get out from this situation:

    (I). Whatever you get the bonus from us, Refund those amount to your closer one. OR

    (II). You can donate your earned amount to any NGO, who are working to bulid a better society.

  • No, we don't pay any TA/DA or such other allowances. referral are eligible to get Direct Bonus and Direct Reward depend on their Karma (work and performance) with some Indirect Bonus as well as Indirect Reward..

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